Ethereum are not showing up in metamask wallet


Today, in the afternoon, I transferred Ethereum from my Bitpanda Wallet to my metamask wallet.

But the Ethereum are not showing up in my metamask wallet and the transaction hash cannot be found in etherscan.

Can somebody please help me?

Transaction ID: 0xde50d8062b532f80f683cb91fb0a0be848c8fdd374d62207aa1b2fdb86f1066c
Metamask Wallet: 0xf826a544e077dcFF4Fe0EBd0c08129004C3F1F91

Thank you in advance.

Hey @lisable, welcome to the MetaMask community! :fox_face:

It looks like there has been no transactions from your wallet address of 0xf826a544e077dcFF4Fe0EBd0c08129004C3F1F91.

I would look back on your BitPanda transaction details and make sure the ETH was transferred to the correct wallet address.

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