I sent Ethereum from Binance to MetaMask,

but it is not reflected. There is no doubt about the network. Please tell me the possible causes!

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Hello @Usagi , welcome to metamask community,

Can you provide more details ? Transaction hash or wallet address . So we can trace at the blockscan network .

Same problem happend to me last night I sent 100$ worth of eth to a binance account

Here is my metamask ID:0x907eEF74ae89e82da4B5abed2bEc702FF0EFbD37


MY Wallet address


Transaction hash


In PC MetaMask, activity does not reflect history, but in mobile it does.

Hello @Evil_Goblin welcome to metamask community.
Please provide the transaction hash of that particular transaction .

Did you authorize these RARIBLE TOKEN transactions ?

The gas fees for each of those transactions cost more than 95$ . And it’ was executed about 5 to 6 times .

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