I sent tokens to Metamask, they appear in Etherscan but not in Metamask

I have tokens (XUSDP) in MetaMask that I have been sending and receiving with no problems, but there is one particular transfer that is not showing up in my MetaMask wallet:


Does anyone know what the problem could be?
Thank you in advance!

hi @user1617 ,welcome to MetaMask community.

This token does go into your wallet.
In addition, it also has 2 transfer records to other wallets.


Yes, I know, but doesn’t appear in MetaMask :frowning:

Do you recognize those 2 address where those tokens went?

Also add this contract address of the token on Ethereum network in your MetaMask wallet.

You will be able to see them then, what you have in your wallet currently.


Yes, this 2 address are my other wallets.

The contact address is added and I saw all my movements and balance except the one of 1300, is weird.

Thanks tuya and Chinzilla for your help.


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