Envie BTC a METAMASK que hacer?

Como remediar un envio desde BINANCE de BTC a METAMASK al cual no es compatible? que tengo que hacer!! HELP HELP HELP !!! AYUDA.


Hi Jessica What? :grinning: Please send more information.
You withdraw BTC with used BEP20?
Check your ETH address on the page https://bscscan.com/ Token: you see the token?
when you used ERC20 :point_right:https://etherscan.io/


Binance envio conexito los BTC a metamask, pero no estan en ningun lado. Que puedo hacer?

Hmm :roll_eyes: I’ll send you a private message

Hola Jessica, te hago una consulta, pudiste resolver el inconveniente? me paso lo mismo

Hi @paezclau you used BEP20? to withdraw Bitcoin?

:one: Connecting MetaMask to Binance Smart Chain :point_down:

Click :point_right: :gear: Settings - Networks - Add Network

Network Name: Smart Chain

New RPC URL: https://bsc-dataseed.binance.org/

ChainID: 56

Symbol: BNB

Block Explorer URL: https://bscscan.com

Click SAVE

:two: Open this page :point_down: and click Add Token to Web3 Wallet

Muchas gracias Luigi!

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I have the same problem and I’m very very nervous justo now. I think I Lost all my money… I’m tryng yo follow your steps, bit when I push the Button “add token to web3 wallet” it returns me “no web3 provided”.

I’ll be very grateful if you can help me!

Thanks in avance!

@ambenjumea don’t stress Luigi is here hehe :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
Click Add Token > Token Contract Address is


OMG. LOVE YOU!!! I’been trying It all the morning. And, trust me, I though I tryed all the alternativas…but It seem not! Jejeje

Thank you so much! You are invited to a beer en Sevilla!



@ambenjumea hmm Sevilla nice city :sunglasses: heh OK have a nice day :slightly_smiling_face:

Oh! Mayo be I was Happy too much early…now, I can only visualize my BTC, but I can’t trade with them…i can’t convert yo other Coín and I don’t know how can i refund my money or re-transfer to Binance…

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@ambenjumea now :upside_down_face: you need BNB
because BNB is gas in the BSC network

Purchase BNB on binance and send it into your metamask wallet.
PS: use BEP-20 network to withdraw BNB

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hey can you help me i got the same problem :frowning: i send to metamask btc from binance

Hello there Luigi.
I have a similar problem.
I transfered my BTC to my Smart Chain net from Binance to metamask.
Next, in order to see them, i added BTCB token and ther it was the whole amount.
My problem is that i try to send it back to Binance and it says i can’t due to insufficient funds for gas fees.
I tryed sending ethereum both to my ethereum net and Smart Chain net, and keeps saying the same mistake.
I also tryed to send just a part of the total amount of BTC (as BTCB), but it keeps saying insufficient funds for gas fee.
Can you help me?
Thank you!

Hello @Komarco37 Smart Chain gas is BNB not Ethereum.

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hola Luigi, tengo un problema exactamente igual al de los otros chicos en el post inicial, hice el paso a paso tal como lo mencionaste, agregue token a la billetera web3 y se agrego el token pero no se agrego el monto de mi transaccion… cabe destacar, que mi deposito fue realizado el 21/7… o sea, hace un mes. influira el tiempo? existe otra manera de manera de recuperarlo? mil gracias de antemano

ok, encontre mi error, envié BTC a la red Ethereum, ya lo rastree y lo recupere en el metamask, lo tengo como BTC en la red Ethereum, el problema es que ahora no lo puedo ni convertir ni devolver a binance… si me puedes ayudar lo agradezco, hasta ahora todo el tuto anterior me funciono, solo que en vez del bsc scan use el de eth.

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Hi @hender you have some ETH (20-40$) on your MetaMask wallet?

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