Error Error: execution reverted: paused "Code 3"

Hello, I’m coming to you today because for 3 days we have been stuck on this error and impossible to find the cause and solve the problem.

I put you a screen of the complete error.

Thanks for your help

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Hey @FujinSama ,

What is it you are trying to do? Thanks!

We try to use MINT on our site but we get this error every time and as a result metamask gives us an error and can’t rate the gas

You can try to close all pages, then reopen the page that requires mint, log in to metamask, and check whether the page has been connected to the page. If the connection is not successful, please stay on the page for a few minutes, and then click the connection on the page. After the connection is successful, you can perform mint. If it still fails to work, you can replace your VPN and try again.

Thank you for your answer but I already did that, apparently the problem is on the smartcontracts side. The developer has put a Pause condition but we don’t know how to remove this mode, it doesn’t answer our calls anymore…

Our etherscan address can be useful : 0xa343ce3e4d217559c9f3fc1f19aa053a6add92f0

I really hope I can find a solution without starting over because we already have MINT 500 tickets to give out :pray:t2:

please try it again ,i didnt encounter this situation

Reach out to our helpdesk: 1 and
click the blue “Start a Conversation” button. The bot will ask a few questions then get you connected.

I did this and even contacted an agent who told me the problem was with the smartcontracts.
It’s demoralizing to spend a week on a problem you don’t know about and don’t know the solution to

Hi @FujinSama ,

You could try asking on a site like ?

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