ETH and DOT sent from Binanace to Metamask not showing

So 2months ago I sent some eth and dot to my metamask account. It looks like I received it on bscscan but it doesn’t show in my account. If you look on bscscan it says I have 0BNB and 150 dollars in tokens. I have set up multiple networks but how do you set up the right networks to view the bnb and dot?

Thanks you in advance,

account: 0x854987473cc0CD0bA2567eDB462a94fa30e35Dd6

Hi @Christophe to display ETH (Binance-Peg Ethereum Token)
and Binance-Peg Polkadot Token use BSC network:

Tokens add simple :point_right: Open and click on fox :fox_face:
Binance-Peg Ethereum:

I already have the token added before I transferred the token from binance but it’s only showing the previous balance and not with the one that I transferred.