ETH from Meta with Binance Bridge, funds gone but order completed

Today i tried to send my ETH that was on my Meta Mask to my Binance with binance bridge.
Now it say’s the order is complete, but the funds are not in my Binance wallet, Binance exchange account nor my MetaMask wallet.

I’ve found the transaction in Etherscan, but the wallet it was send to is completely unknown to me.
And it is not the wallet adress i pasted into the transaction.

I haven’t gotten a helpfull reply from Metamask support and kinda lost what to do now.

Similar situation with me. Sent ETH from my MM wallet via Binance bridge. Wanted to transfer them between networks - from BSC to Ethereum Mainnet. I can see the transaction marked as complete on bscscan. Every time I switch between networks in MM itself, my transferred ETH tokens appear in the wallet for a second and disappear. Binance bridge support is not responding…