ETH was missing on Metamask and Binance Bridge

I lost my ETH on Metamask BSC network wallet while i was trying to send my ETH to BSC network to ETH network. When I will to confrim transaction Binance Bridge on Metamask extension, it shows that I have no sufficient BNB to proceed transaction, then I reject the transaction but it takes >2 hours the status on Binance Bridge form “Waiting for Deposit” to finally “Cancelled”.

But suddenly all of my ETH in Metamask was gone, nothing left :sob:
I tracked to bscscan then I found there is a transaction of my ETH that transferred to other address that i dont know who belongs to. ( 0x31f076f1fbda2d60aa2ca49b899dbdafa560fd1ff3a631331731bc9e2284d130 )

Anyone knows what happend to my Metamask or Binance Bridge? Really appreciate any helps from you guys!