ETH GONE! Swapped 210USDC into ETH through Metamask and got 0ETH back

I got 210 USDC and swaped it inside the MetaMask app to ETH. It took so long and finally when the process was done the ETH was not deposited on my wallet. I contacted MetaMask and they said it was made although no ETH was put in my wallet.

PLEASE HELP this happened on 2 Jan it is now over almost 20 days and this ETH is very important to me.

Proof I got the 210 USDC:

Transaction Details:

My wallet full History on Ethscan:

MetaMask is not replying anymore to my messages. Please someone help.

Much Love Sari

Hey @SariSerodio, welcome to the MetaMask community! :fox_face:

A support team member will be with you shortly through the support ticket you have opened. Please continue all communication with them there. Thank you for your patience!


I still haven’t gotten an answer. Please help me!
I don’t want to lose 210USDC

Hello @SariSerodio,

The transaction hash shows that the swap was successful and you received 0.1738 ETH in exchange for 210 USDC.
Moreover, there are transactions showing that you purchased (minted) six AYA Stellar NFTs using ETH, i.e., the ETH was paid for those NFTs. Do you remember them?