Swapped ETH for USDC, got nothing

I used MetaMask Swap to swap ETH for USDC on the Ethereum Mainnnet. The transaction is shown as finished, Etherscan shows the ETH going out, and nohting coming back, after 6 hours.

I posted a support request and got a case number, but when I try to check it, I get an error page saying that the requested page does not exist.

I see many posts from other people who say that they experienced similar problems. Are these problems resolved by MetaMask? I can’t afford to lose ETH and need the USDC now or soon, not in a week or a month.

Anyone who had a similar problem, please let me know how it turned out. Also if there’s anything I should do besides what I already did, please let me know.


Hello @rayyyy, welcome to MetaMask community!

Just want to make sure you used the proper support channels from within the wallet on mobile app at Support or from the web at the https://support.metamask.io by clicking Start a Conversation ?


If that’s the case, have you shared all the details needed to them to be able to check out what happened with your swap?


Jest koniec roku serwery pękają tak samo bylo z hexa czekaj cierpliwie nie panikuj dostales numer sprawy to kwestia 6dni roboczych

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I shared what was requested - the transaction hash, and my etherium address.

I really can’t wait a week to get this back in my account. I need to use the funds. I’ve also seen postings on here from people who say it’s been months and they have not had a response. How can I get my funds back?

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The Support team will be in contact with you about it. They will help you out. Make sure you don’t fall for any scams going around, do not share your private keys, json file or Secret Recovery Phrase.

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@rayyyy ,

Can see you already received a response with the ticket.

Wanted to share, when you go into etherscan.io - click the ‘ERC20 token txns’ tab to see the IN to your swap that went out. Hope that also helps.


Note, I adjusted your post and removed the amount of ETH for your privacy. Be careful of social engineering attempts, including in your emails. Remember, MetaMask will never ask for your Secret Recovery Phrase or for you to verify it on a form, site, pop-up window or anywhere else. Never provide it. Also like @Chinzilla noted, same goes for private keys and json files too!

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