ETH not receive despite sucessfully transaction

I sent ETH from AAX to my Metamask wallet. The transcation was sucessfully.
The transcation hash is 0xbd3d7101f2f8e9f0fc1e9b8b77b6682c8ba28e3c886ed119754e7475f7032f46 via BEP-20 Token Txns.

From : 0xbd3d7101f2f8e9f0fc1e9b8b77b6682c8ba28e3c886ed119754e7475f7032f46

To : 0x4aea1b6c776c3d63b4022dbe05d3649dd6acd73e

My wallet : 0x4aEa1b6c776C3D63B4022dBe05D3649Dd6AcD73E

But this is not reflected and do not received in my metamask wallet.

Please assist me on what can I do. Thank you very much.

Hi @biglam connecting MetaMask to Binance Smart Chain :point_down:


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The proble was fixed after change the connetion to smart chain.


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