ETH to Ronin Bridge

Nakaka affect ba yung gas sa kung gaano katagal ma receive sa ronin yung eth? Nag transfer ako twice wala both. Yung isa 2 days ago mag 3 days ago na low gas fee. Tapos nag try ako again today very small lang para itry low gas fee again. Di din nag post. No phishing links used, followed correct process using ronin bridge.

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Is the amount of gas fee you paid contributing to how soon you will get your funds from metamask to ronin?

Mine is already delayed for 3 days

Yes, i did. no phising sites whatsoever. I did it for a lower value of eth same low amt of gas fee and again I did not receive the funds. I used the bridge correctly, and the correct bridge as well.

This is my tnxn hash:

Can you check on the bloc, would that be affecting on how soon I can get the funds? or no?