“Execution Reverted” error but funds missing after swap attempt

Can you be of help pls…? It’s been 8 days now. I tried to swap AVAX to SHIBAX using the swap button. The transaction failed with “execution reverted” error message. I didn’t get the funds back to my wallet.

The transaction hash is:

Screenshot attached


Hello, your transaction did not succeed and there was no deduction. Your address was transferred to 1avax in total, but after your transaction failed, you made three more transactions and spent your avax,

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At the same time, the shibax you exchanged is already in your address

Thank you so much for the prompt response. I understand your explanation of me initiating 3 more transactions after the first failed.

However, the Shibax in my wallet is not reflecting this (the 0.6AVAC transaction is not in my wallet) effectively, over 8000 SHIBAX is missing from my wallet

Pls see attached screenshot of my wallet and the bigger finance dex aggregator.

Your three orders have arrived at your address. This is the shibax exchange of 0.6avax you said。
In addition, the liquidity on the avax chain is sometimes insufficient. You need to pay attention to tips when trading, which may lead to a significant reduction in the coin you actually get.

Thank you so much for your detailed reply. Very much appreciated.

In summary, does it mean I traded over $65 worth of AVAX to end up with $10 worth of SHIBAX?

Yes, you may not pay attention to the prompt when trading. It’s really sad

Wow wow!

That’s painful.

Pls what transaction hash did you search to get the 3 transactions? The circled hash on the image attached.

Thank you so much for being there. I’m grateful.

Uploading: image.png…

Here are your three detailed transaction records

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First and foremost, please make sure you are interacting with a legitimate token. Receiving less tokens is likely because of price impact and slippage.

Here is more information on our Knowledge Base:


Most probably it is a scam coin and has fallen from 0.14$ to 0.005$ and therefore your tokens are under heavy loss . You can view the chart on dexscreener and pasting the token contract address

Please be aware about scam coins, sh*t Coins, Fake ones in general.

Please exercise caution and DYOR Before investing in crypto.

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