Fail with error 'UniswapFeature/UnderBought'

I tried a swap with metamask eth to spi
I did get this fail error and the transaction was reversted.
It cost me $100 on transaction fee !
Way did this happened?
What can I do to avoud this in the future?

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Per the title of your post, it sounds like the swap was performed on Uniswap, not MetaMask Swaps, correct? If so, please contact Uniswap support for assistance. They will be able to investigate why the swap failed.

I used Metamask to swaps and got this error message.

For your privacy and security, and to investigate this further, please submit a support ticket with details of the swap and we’ll be glad to assist further.

I sold unqt currency in Metamask wallet yesterday and Atrium fee was deducted from my account, but unfortunately Teter was not credited to my account and it shows me the following message:
Fail with error 'UniswapFeature/UnderBought