Failed to Transfer of SLP from Metamask to Binance

sorry bro, i have the same problem here. and i dont understand your advice “to solve, if you are trying to send 1000 slp, for example, put 999 and then return to 1000 that will fix”. what do you mean?

so if i wanna send all my 10.000 SLP from metamask to binance. i have not to fill max in the token amount field, but 9.999 SLP?



you can fill with the max, just make the change to update the gas fee, if you filled in 10,000, change to 9,999 and then to 10,000 just to update the values.


Thank you so much for sharing the solution!

does this worked for you?

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Hi, what’s going on with metamaks?. An hour ago I tried to transfer my SLP and the transaction also failed. Could anyone solve this or did metamask answer something?

PDST: The gas fee was discounting :frowning:

Sim funciona pode ir na fé!!!

Show! Funcionou aqui. Obrigado por compartilhar!!!

I made it, thank you very much

i have this problem too, my SLP blance does not count in my metamask wallet, but i can see it. I already write a ticket. Hope they will reply me soon.

what did you do exactly can you teach me because it doesnt reflect any eth scan it says sorry we are unable to locate this TxnHash

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Yes exactely the same for me .
I start to begin really piss off with metamask, I will definitely change for an other one.

BINANCE TO METAMASK (SLP send fail) many time my eth was deducted gas fee even its fail…

The same is happening to me, trying to send BUSD from MM to Binance, what can i do?

@YamatoMx try your Metamask wallet on another browser. Do not use decimal places.

what is the gas limit you used ?, help I have the same problem

you don’t need to change the gas fee, just change the slp values ​​manually, if you go straight to “max” it will give an error in the transaction.

Help!!! I am trying to transfer SLP to Binance but failed and It took my eth balance.

How can I resolve this one?

I also try manually entering SLP… didn’t work out.

error message state = Out of gas!

Same for me here, I tried to send BOND to binance, I lost money in 6 transactions, who will refund me?

Hello, I have the same problem but with Shiba and I am already losing in 6 transactions.
I don’t understand how to update the gas values.

Did they answer you? Do you have the solution?