Problem when withdrawing slp

Buenas tengo el siguiente problema, el dia 31 de Agosto retire mis SLP desde ronin pero no fue hasta el dia de hoy 4 de septiembre que pude pagar el gas, ya teniendo mis SLP en mi cartera de MetaMask procedo a enviarme los fondos a Binance, todo okay pago el gas de ese movimiento, sale que se acepto PERO, al minuto dice que hubo un error en la transferencia, lo quise intentar enviar otra pero pero no me deja enviar el SLP que tengo en la cartera.

Alguien sabe que debo hacer?

Hi, I have the following problem, on August 31 I withdrawn my SLP from ronin but it was not until today, September 4, that I was able to pay the gas, and having my SLP in my MetaMask portfolio I proceed to send the funds to Binance, All okay, I pay the gas for that movement, it turns out that it was accepted BUT, the minute it says that there was an error in the transfer, I wanted to try to send another one, but it won’t let me send the SLP that I have in my wallet.

Does anyone know what I should do?

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same here.

sending SLP from ronin to metamask was successful.
and now sending SLP metamask to binance has probelm, still processing is pending.

I tried speedup and it was accepted but my transaction even doesn’t show up on etherscan.
I got stucked up at this point. amount of pending SLP shows at asset area.

Sent support for assistance but no reply as well.

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Mine stays in Fail, I only get the following messages. (I have tried to send the SLPs 2 times from Binance MetaMask and both times I have passed the gas and it still fails)

ERC-20 Token Transfer Error (Unable to locate corresponding Transfer Event Logs), Check with Sender.

Warning! Error encountered during contract execution [ Out of gas ]

of course bro, at that time I had gas it was about 17$ and I had a balance of about 36$ something like that, that’s why I say that I could make the transfer 2 times and even so he told me the same error