Failed transaction : Celo swap Mobi


When I swap Celo to Mobi, it show the “Transaction 0 failed Error [ethis - quen…] while formatting outputs from RPC…”". I have 79celo in my wallet, and it show “79 CELO block”. Is it mean my Celo is blocked and that why my transaction is failed ? How to fixed it ? Please help me.


Hi Josef2, thank you for replying me. Could you tell me how to fix it ? I’m a new in crypto. Hope to hear from you.

Where can I get the link ? Thanks.

@mtmtmt just a stupid scam don’t use walletsweblink page

Thanks Bobby, I know, I just research it. Do you know how to fix my problem ?

Solved. Hy guys, I just fixed the problem by removing the metamask and reinstall it.