Failed transfer

I tried to transfer from MetaMask to bitstamp eth but i receive failed msg, what Is the problem? Tks

Transaction Hash:


Hi Cristian :upside_down_face: small Gas Price (Gwei) or Gas Limit
Check recommended gas on the page :point_right:266 Gwei | Ethereum Gas Tracker | Etherscan

set Gas Price (Gwei) 360 - 380 and Gas Limit 90000 :smile: :rocket: rocket transaction

I set Gas Price (Gwei) 350 - and Gas Limit 54000… and Failed

but Gas Limit 90,000 is ok? :grin: I see the transaction :face_with_monocle: Status: Success

Yesterday I had a transaction run out of gas and failed. I checked the successful ones in the block and there were several with significantly lower gas price and gas limits.

I’m relatively new to this and insight on why/how that happens would be very helpful.

Read this :point_down:

smart contract address = you must used :smile: more gas


in the end it went but sweaty with this gas :slight_smile:

I read that article previously.
Not sure I understand your comment.
My gas price was 86, gas limit 100,000
other successful transactions has gas prices in the low 70’s and gas limits of 76,000

trying to understand why mine ran out of gas when my price and limit was higher

Uggstown sorry man I don’t know :smile: I don’t see your transactions.
and gas price :moneybag: now jumps up :arrow_up: and down :arrow_down: