Unable to transfer my ETH

So i tried about 10 times to transfer my ETH to Bitbuy, and i says failed transaction for each. I have lost about 20$ in gas fees and still nothing sent.
I had .52 ETH in the account, and it would not let me transfer .5, i even tried with .4 so yes i have way more than enough to cover the gas fee, even though it says the transcation failed due to gas fee

P.S. It worked fine on my other Metamask account yesterday. Im transfering to my Bitbuy account (Canada),


Here is an example of the latest transaction details on Etherscan :

Hi @Apocalypse007 Out of gas error :upside_down_face: try change Gas Limit: 60000 or more

Gas Limit

Thanks Luigi, it worked finally.
Not sure why Metamasks default would be the problem.
Lost about 30$ in fees because of that stupid glitch

Thanks again

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