Gas fees are very high

ETH is the worst technology ever, and metamask provides no protection from it at all.

How can it be, that a transaction fails 3 times and I have to pay the fees three times.
What a outdated, unusable technology is this. Incredible.
This is fraud, nothing else.

Simple transaction from metamask account to binance. ERC20 address that’s all.

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Here is what i believe you did incorrectly.
what erc20 coin? are you transferring using the binance bridge wallet on main net or smart chain net? What network was your metamask wallet on? I assume eth main net and you are not transferring due to low gas fee being entered. Erc20 requires 64000 gas limit and refer to gas tracker for the latest gwei prices are ridiculous 184 Gwei | Ethereum Gas Tracker | Etherscan

I did use ETH Mainnet and tried to transfer USDC.