Can not transfer BETWEEN accounts BSC

Dear reader,

I cant seem to transfer CUSTOM tokens BETWEEN my metamask accounts. I use the BSC network. It gives an error that my gas is too low. Even if i manually adjust it from 5 (default) to 50, it gives the same error.

When i transfer a small amount of BNB between my accounts, for testing, it works flawlessly… Is this a bug?



I encountered the same problem. They only offer one solution. You must send them back to binance and then transfer them back to metamask as ETH using the Ethereum main network. In other words, you must use the option where you have to pay those fucking unrealistic high fees.

I normally stay away from ETH because you lose huge amounts of money for the fees. but i needed ETh via metamask for software purposes. So i sent them via binance smart chain as BEP20 because the fees were low. They show as ETH, but are useless. Unless (as i allready mentioned) you send them back and pay the high fees.

I don’t know why people are so excited about ETH. You lose more money then you put in.