Support receiving funds

I sent eth from binance to my metamask wallet i cant see the funds although i can see the transaction on bscscan, please advice what should i do
Thank you

I too have the same problem. Well not a problem really. Just save to verious places ie; notes or download. Keep records of anything, unsure of.:person_in_lotus_position::chart_with_upwards_trend::bar_chart:


The problem is right there on your comment, you used BSC network to send them instead of ETH20 as you should have.

Your ETH are in BSC network now. If you need them in ETH network, you will need to send back to Binance and withdraw using ETH20 network.

To see your ethereum, add to Metamask BSC network (search how to add the network on this forum), and you change to the BSC network and will need to add ETH token to see it. Use the contract address from BSCscan to add the token.