ERC20 Token Gas Fees Are So High

I am pretty new on crypto world and i am an nft creator. Before i got into this, i read that Metamask is best for NFT marketplaces so i created a Metamask wallet.
The problem is, i use Binance and you have to set up Binance Smart Chain Network on Metamask for transfers. But in Metamask, you can not transfer your coins from BSC Network to Main ETH Network on same account. I need ETH on my Mainnet. If i use ERC20 channel (instead of BEP20 that uses BNB) while transferring from Binance, gas fees take almost HALF OF MY MONEY.
Is there way i can transfer ETH from BSC Network to ETH Mainnet on same Metamask account?
Or are there any other crypto wallets lets me do that? Maybe there are wallets let me choose the gas fee?
I have read about ERC865. Is it a good alternative for ERC20?
Maybe there are pretty basic questions but i am just a beginner. :confused: Can someone please help me with that?
And thanks a lot for reading this loonnng post.

Hello, @raveennightly ! At this moment, we don’t provide cross chain network transactions. If you don’t want to transfer from Binance, from MetaMask’s side, there are a few ways to buy/deposit ETH: Wyre, Transak, or Direct deposit. Please check out how you can direct deposit: How to deposit (receive) tokens to your MetaMask Wallet

Wyre and Transak are on-ramp third-party solutions that are integrated inside the MetaMask wallet.
To buy with them just click buy or buy ETH on the main screen of your MetaMask wallet, and you will be prompted to follow the procedure for Wyre, Direct Deposit on the browser extension . On mobile , it’s usually Apple Pay(Wyre), Transak. Please note depending on your region these solutions may vary

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