Metamask fails when transferring tokens


Each time i try to withdraw Tokens (USDC) from my Metamask to my Binance account, using Ethereum Blockchain, i always got a failed message. And each time it costs me around 3 or 4USD for nothing.

It also fails in minutes, no matter how much gas I input

Here is my address where you can see last 6 failed txs.:

Been using Metamask for 4 years it never acted like this

Please HELP!!!

When did you notice all the issue with sending on your account ?

Thanks for reaching out quickly!

I started trying yesterday. Tried 6 times, without realizing that the gas was getting spent anyways even while failing.

Today I managed to do the transaction, only after increasing the gas limit to 80000 units and then it did go through.
I was transferring USDC to Binance.

I believe the latest version of Metamask is estimating the gas limit incorrectly.

Hope you guys can fix it.

Thanks in advance


Great. We are having a review on it at the moment.