Filter tokens that can be sent to a Contact

I would like to be able to restrict the tokens I can send to a saved Contact wallet address.

I have an exchange account that I use to move tokens to and from Polygon, Ethereum, Harmony, Avalanche, etc. Each token I want to deposit into my exchange custodial wallet has a different address. I would like to restrict the Contact in MetaMask so that when I am trying to send tokens from MetaMask to my Polygon (MATIC) Contact on the exchange, MetaMask won’t let me accidentally send Polygon (WETH) to the Contact.

Yes, I’m speaking from experience, this is exactly what I did. I knew it was a “MATIC Only” address, but I was moving too fast and made a mistake.

If I am sending MATIC, XLM, BTC, ONE, AVAX or whatever token to a wallet on an exchange which only accepts a specific token, it would be helpful if, within MetaMask, I could prevent any other tokens from being sent to that exchange wallet (which have not been specified by me). When I add the Contact address to MetaMask, I would select “This contact can only accept THIS COIN, THIS COIN, or THIS COIN”.

This is actually a key feature that will help with the adoption of Crypto by the masses. Many of us have made this same mistake. We should implement tools to safeguard ourselves if we choose to use them. We already have Contacts to prevent sending to the wrong address and they are good. This feature would take them that one extra step to being great!

Thanks for the suggestion @Jadjad!

I would love to hear other community member’s thoughts on this, please share! :slight_smile: