FTN on ETH network

Hi guys complete noob here

Installed meta on chrome no worries :slight_smile:

Sent test eth from exchange no worries :slight_smile:

Then sent FTN and nothing showed up , worries :frowning:

Went to etherscan and saw the tokens and then managed to add to the wallet from there.
it’s now sitting in the wallet with my eth on the eth network.

I wanted to trade on FTM network and realized i needed to add the network manually which I did after the above,but now i am seeing no ftn in there to trade with when i swop over networks.

I go back to eth net network and it’s sitting there and it won’t let me move or trade it


firstly how can I send FTM and make sure it’s on the ftn network of the wallet so I can trade?

Secondly, how do I get the FTN off the eth part of the wallet and onto FTN network to trade

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Regards borthers Andy

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