Funds Stuck in Ropsten Testnet | Scammed

Hi everyone, I was involved with an online crypto scam from a Nigerian resident for over $130,000 USD for an ETH staking pool using MetaMassk (67 ETH are in my MetaMask ropsten testnet balance)

Myself and two friends who were also scammed have spent 48 hours gathering hard, detailed evidence, which points us to a young man most likely from Nnewi.

I currently have 67 ETH stuck in the MetaMask Ropsten test net and desperately need to convert it back to USD or to my Coinbase account (whom is also working on this case). Can someone please assist?

I was told I should fund my MetaMask with BNB to cover gas fee’s in order to convert but am terrified to do this until I know for sure it will indeed recover my 67 ETH.

My friends and I have every bit of detail available to solve this case if you can please help us urgently. We would also be grateful to share all crypto transactions, photos, videos, messages, communications along with the entire storyline from start to end to help solve this case immediately.

Please help us and please help for any future victims of a similar scam.

I eagerly await your response,

please can someone help me understand how to transfer from a ropsten testnet to main wallet or coinbase?

Are you kidding? :sweat_smile: Ropsten Ethereum is free https://