I sent eth from metamask to binance through wrong network

Hello, so i wanted to transfer ethereum from my MetaMask to binance, i took my binance erc20 adress and sent the ethereum to that adress but wrongly through rinkeby test network from MetaMask, i hope there is a solution for this.
I’d appreciate help to refund my ethereum, thanks.

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Hello @Antii23, welcome to MetaMask community!

If i understood correctly and you sent ETH that you had on Rinkeby test network to Binance, then you need to know that the ETH on test networks has no value. It’s just ETH for testing purposes. You can get more ETH on Rinkeby through a Rinkeby test network faucet.


Heyy as far as i know it was real eth on my main ethereum wallet here is a screenshot.


If you sent from Ethereum Main Network to Binance using the ERC20 option, then you should have your ETH in your spot wallet on Binance. Exchanges don’t have an option to send test ETH to them. And there isn’t a way to send ETH from your Ethereum network in MetaMask through Rinkeby instead.


Hello @Antii23 , welcome to the MetaMask community,

as long as you have sent through the rinkeby testnet from your MetaMask to the erc20 exchange address, you asset is still safe on the etherum main network. Only the testnet will be affected .

This time , just send your ether asset to the correct binance exchange main network address from the main network on MetaMask.

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