Gas Fee Goes Ridiculously High When Staking over 15,000 XCN

Prior to a month ago i had no problem staking 80-150k XCN with reasonable gas fees ($12-$26). Now any time i try to stake more than 15,000 XCN i get …

“We were not able to estimate gas. There might be an error in the contract and this transaction may fail.”

and a gas fee ranging from $700 to $2,500.

It doesn’t matter what time of day. Even if i try it on off peak hours it’s the same ridicously high fee for anything over 15,000 tokens.

hi @dav7612r , welcome to MetaMask comunity.

Have you ever set the gas too high and saved it? If yes, cancel to see if it works


Current settings. I did play with the max gas fee and it sent the estimate to like $1.29. That doesn’t seem right either. I tried it again after rejecting it and it went right back to some crazy high gas fee.

2023-07-08 12_31_12-MetaMask Notification

Hi @dav7612r,
The Gas Limit on your settings is very high. Please use this one and see how the gas changes: 21000


Set to 21000, the stake transaction failed twice. $0.61 seems super low also.

2023-07-09 09_57_26-MetaMask Notification.png

The 21,000 also reverts back to the high gas limit number even with save as default settings checked.

2023-07-09 09_57_26-MetaMask Notification.png

Yes, it is low for the staking on the Ethereum network.
What values have you used as Max base fee and Priority fee? The values from the Etherscan Gas tracker at the time of your transaction can give you an idea. However, I suggest you to check the gas parameters for the contract with which you are interacting at the time of the transaction as well.
You had better consult with the dApp support in this regard. Make sure that the support is legit and NEVER share your secret recovery phrase and private keys with any one and NEVER enter them on any site.


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