Get wallet address by private key or seed phrase

Hey guys, I was exploring the NFT app in iOS app store and found an app. In the app, it allow user to import MetaMask wallet without open MetaMask app through deeplink, all you need to do is enter recovery phase or private key to import wallet. Does MetaMask provided such API to import wallet? If so, what API should I use.

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First of all, i took the liberty of editing your post and removing the name of the app you mentioned because such things are not allowed here, as per our rules(#6).

Secondly, importing your Secret Recovery Phrase or private key in a 3rd party app is highly unsecure and you might have your wallet compromised because of it. MetaMask allows connection to Dapps but everything happens by connecting through the wallet, not separately.
Be very careful what you interact with and never share your Secret Recovery Phrase or private keys with anyone. As MetaMask wallet is self-custodial, a large part of keeping your wallet secure depends on you, the user.

Here are the MetaMask Docs and MetaMask Github repository as referrence to what you inquiried about, as well:


@Chinzilla Thanks for the reply. We also concern and understand that it highly unsecure, but our Dapp was rejected by iOS app store because of they don’t want install additional app like MetaMask in order to use the app even though we make connect to MetaMask as optional.

So it left us no choice but to choose these way bypass the “rule” to upload our app since iOS was a huge market.

Hello! So what is the answer to OP question?
Is it possible to quickly get wallet address by seed phrase or private key?
What is the fastest way? For example - you enter seed in terminal and got public address right away. No clicks, passwords and other stuff…

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If you are trying to build a dapp or website to do that, this entire section from MetaMask Docs should help.

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