GWEI/ Network Gas estimator


  • SHould display current price in both GWEI and USD/Variable Fiat currency for: Instant, Fast, Average, Slow & Minimum Transactions fee (and could even include the ability to check what the cost of different types of transactions are e.g. buy/sell, send coin, send NFT, swap, sign, smart contract interactions….).
    -Feature MUST work across multiple chains: Eth, BNB, Matic…
    -Possible feature (not necessary but defiantly preferable): Adjustable, historical graph or record, showing historical data: one day, one week, one month one year time periods. Maybe a different graph/tab for each transaction type…
    **-**MetaMask does not always know the correct Gas fee and has occasionally just asked me for my wallets total balance as the max gas fee, but when I searched current GWEI and tweaked it in MetaMask (using the advanced Gas features), this can also happen if interacting/giving approval for any malicious tokens, this has happened to me in the past.
    **-**Useful for planning and making more informed transactions.
    **-**Helps to reduce failed transactions due to gas limit used up.
    **-**Allows users analyze/ find the best time of the Day/ Week/ or Month, to execute transactions that notoriously require large fees (based on historical data).
    Primarily a request for the Mobile app because when on a computer its much easier to open another tab and gather that info without loosing what you were doing in-app, however the extention could also benefit from this kind of feature, but definitely mobile as its much harder and slower to have to open a new app/tab to check this info.