Add fiat price to estimated prices


People who are new to the crypto world may have problems understanding how actually they are paying for a transaction and how much fiat money they are moving.

I use 8 different cryptocurrency with very different values between them (just think to the difference between ETH and MATIC, but I am sure you can think to bigger differences)

I would like to propose a small change to the UI:
add for every transaction a corresponding fiat price both in “estimated gas fee” and in “total amount”

This would ease life for everyone from newbie to advanced users.

I personally check every time the transation fees with a copy and paste and a fast check in an exchange. But sometimes being fast in a transaction is vital so I don’t do it, having it inside the UI would be a nice catch for Metamask. This could be also disabled by default and activable with a flag in setting

Thanks for the suggestion @aster.

Please Vote for this feature request if you agree!

I can’t edit the post anymore, anyway in some transactions the estimated price in fiat is already shown. So maybe from a software point of view not so much work is needed


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