Сhanging nodes in the interface

Good afternoon. I want to propose an idea for a change to add several nodes to the network.
It often happens when you need to make a quick transaction, and the node to which your network is currently connected is loaded. You have to add a new network or change in the old one. As a result, the network interface is a mess.
When adding a network, it would be convenient to specify several nodes at once and switch them if necessary.

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The node currently selected by MetaMask is the optimal path. Generally speaking, the problem of slow loading will not occur. If you do find that some nodes are slow loading during use, you can manually add another node, because many times this is just an example. If a large-scale slow loading occurs, MetaMask will optimize the path at the first time.


I understand what you mean. If you are an ordinary user, what is now in MM is enough for you. But when 0.0001 seconds in a transaction matter to you, this is necessary.

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