Have you lost funds and got scammed? Please see this announcement

Today we’re launching a slight update to the MetaMask knowledge base. When you visit select relevant articles, you’ll see a link for a survey on the right-hand side of the page, looking like this :arrow_down:


Don’t panic! It’s legit. :white_check_mark:

By taking part, you can help us make MetaMask as safe as possible. The survey is optional, anonymous, and takes a minute or two to complete, depending on your answers.

As we’re using a third-party platform to distribute the survey, note that you won’t see it if you have browser settings that block tracking. :lock:

It’s also only available on desktop browsers.

If you come across any version of this survey that asks for your Secret Recovery Phrase or any other personal details – close it and don’t proceed any further!

Thank you for helping to make MetaMask better! :fox_face:

Example of a Knowledge Base article containing the survey link on far right of page:


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