Hey Kinda new need help please? will pay for help

I have money that i sent to my meta mask wallet in the crypto currency chainlink and it is available on the etherium mainnet, when i enter a custom address, to switch to a BSC mainnet the cryptocurrency chainlink balance is no longer available but when i switch back to my other etherium mainnet it is available? how do i send my chainlink to another mainnet? I am trying to use pancakeswap to buy safemoon using my metamask wallet but my wallet only connects to pancakeswap when i have the NSC mainnet connected but my funds are not on the BSC mainnet please help me

They are two seperate networks. You’ll have to send BNB to your BSC in order to use pancake swap. Try using Binance exchange as you can send to either BSC or Etherium mainnet (depending on coin). Make sure you read up on how to do it first before sending as you could lose your crypto if you send wrong coin to wrong mainnet.