Can't Use Metamask with Binance Smart Chain

I have Some ETH on my Metamask Wallet on the Smart Chain network, I would like to connect this network to Swap with Unisawp or pancakeswap, but for some reason I cant connect to the Network, I will appreciated any help. Thank you so much.

According to your screenshot, it looks like you’re connected to the BSC (See "Smart Chain at the top of the screen) and able to view your assets. The BNB token icon is displaying incorrectly, which we’re aware of and working to fix. I apologize for the confusion there.

If you would like to swap using the BSC, you’ll need to do so on PancakeSwap, as Uniswap does not currently support BSC swaps.

Ok, thank you so much, is there a possibility to move the ETH to the mainnet?