Using ETH for Gas Fees in Smart Chain Account

I need ETH in my Smart Chain Account to pay gas fees on pancakeswap.

I initially transferred ETH to my smartchain account, but didn’t show up properly, as someone else has documented: Can't Use Metamaks with Binance Smart Chain

So I sent that back to Binance to convert it and send it back to metamask on the ETH Mainnet.

But now when I go to make a transaction, it still says I have insufficient funds.

Does anyone have any suggestions?


Hi there,

I was not aware that you need to pay gas fees on the Binance Smart Chain. I thought the fees are settled in BNB as opposed to ETH gas fees on the ETH Mainnet. Am I wrong?

Hi Kingfisher80,

Thanks so much, you’re totally right! Sorry, I was confused by a combination of:

  1. Insufficient funds message on Metamask being phrased in terms of insufficient funds for gas fees, and

  2. This explanation made it sound as if BNB only required for Binance transactions.

Thanks for all your help :slight_smile:

Hello hellow,

your’e welcome. I agree, it is confusing. Adding to that metamask still shows a certain ETH amount of gas fees although in the end it will be BNB that is used and deducted for the transaction. I just tested it a few minutes ago.

Thanks so much Kingfisher80, thought it was just me!

Hopefully others confused can find this thread :slight_smile: