Can't send back ETH from Metamask to Binance

I just sent ETH from Binance to Metamask through the binance smart chain. I got it on my Metamask on the Binance smart chain network.
But I needed to have it on the main network to be able to use it on rarible.
It seems that I can’t swap it to the main network Ethereum.
So I wanted to send it back to Binance. It’s impossible too. Insufficient funds even if I just want to send part of it. The only way to be able to click on “next” is to switch the gas fee to 0… The transaction will never happen with no gas fee.
Sorry but I need your help guys. I couldn’t find anything on the interent to solve my issue.

You need BNB for gas to send txns in Binance smart chain. Please purchase BNB on binance and send it into your metamask wallet at that address (with binance smart chain of course), in order to send the ETH out.

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Alright ! Thanks for your help !

Hey Allen, So I had sent ETH to my ledger nano via BSC. I have managed to recover the ETH via MetaMask by connecting my Ledger. To send this ETH back to Binance I understand that I´ need to send in BNB to fuel that transaction.

My address on my ledger is for ETH, can I send BNB to that address then or will it just get lost?

Thanks for your help!

Hi taggito YES :slightly_smiling_face: for example :point_down: this is a transaction Binance-Peg Ethereum Token
Transaction Fee: 0.000180515 BNB

BNB send to your ETH address and use BEP20 for withdraw.

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Hey, thanks @Luigi ! So yes, I have added BNB (0.995) to my wallet but I still can’t seem to send ETH successfully.

Once I confirm the transaction, It says that it is processing the transaction and then suddenly it just gives me a “Fail”. Any idea as to what I might be doing wrong here? I have about 0.0995BNB in my account now which covers this gas price. Also, this is via BSC.

thanks alot for the help - life survivor!

taggito hmm :thinking: try set :point_right: Gas Price (GWEI): 10 and Gas Limit: 100000

Hi @Luigi,

So it hasn’t work increasing the gas price and limit. I noticed that when the transaction fails, at the bottom of the screen it says that the transaction was conducted with 0 BNB. Weird!

Additionally on probing further I noticed this error in the settings panel:

[ethjs-query] while formatting outputs from RPC ‘{“value”:{“code”:-32603,“message”:“TransportError: Failed to sign with Ledger device: U2F DEVICE_INELIGIBLE”,“stack”:“Error: TransportError: Failed to sign with Ledger device: U2F DEVICE_INELIGIBLE”}}’

My device was connected and active at the time I tried to run the transfer

Any thoughts on this? Thanks again for your help!

taggito :see_no_evil: heh ok next last idea

  1. Use Binance Chain Extension Wallet :point_down:

  2. How to use Ledger with Binance Extension Wallet :point_down: you must read all :face_with_monocle:

  3. You must Enabling contract data for BEP20 transaction. The first
    item in the settings menu is “Contract Data” :bangbang: on your Ledger Wallet

  4. Add Binance-Peg Ethereum Token Contract Address:

  5. Send Binance-Peg Ethereum Token :sweat_smile: