I sent ETH from binance using BEP20 network

I sent some Eth from my Binance wallet to my Metamask wallet I selected the BEP20 network and it did not arrive. I read that I should have changed the settings on metamask to receive BNB and sent BNB not Eth but it is already sent. I can find the transaction on the BSc scan and the transaction is marked as complete on Binance. Can anyone advise how to either get the transaction to show up in Metamask (I have added smart chain in the settings) or how to get it back in my Binance wallet? thanks

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Hi you have to have BNB to send these ETH back to another wallet. Also simple way is to send them to an exchange and from there send back again by picking up EtH network. For now deposit $5 worth of BNb to send this

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