Swapped BNB to ETH on Metamask


Please I have a little problem. Kindly assist me please.

I wanted adding Ethereum to my Metamask wallet from Binance.

I added the binance smartchain network to correspond with the network on my binance wallet

I then transfer BNB to my Metamask

I then wanted to swap BNB to ETH on my Metamask wallet of which I clicked on the swap button and it was successful

I expect this funds to go directly to my Ethereum wallet on Metamask but when I switched to Ethereum main network I couldn’t find the funds.

When I checked the transaction details, the wallet address where the Ethereum was swapped to is different.

I don’t know if it’s safe to drop the transaction details here.

Please kindly help me to recover this funds.

Thanks as I anticipate your positive response.

Hey @Afro, a swap will only swap for your tokens on the same network, meaning that your ETH that you have swapped for is still on Binance Smart Chain. Please make sure to add ETH on Binance Smart Chain to see your token.

To move your tokens from Binance Smart chain to Ethereum mainnet, you will need to use a bridge. Here is more information on our Knowledge Base:


Hello @nakedwinnie

Thank you so much for the feedback as I am rest assured I will get back my funds.

I have gone through the attached knowledgebase and tried a couple of methods I saw here. I used the Anyswap platform to try to bridge the ethereum mainnet to the BSC but I am getting more confused.

Please can you kindly tell me reliable steps I need to take to use a functional bridge to finally move tokens from the Binance smartchain to Ethereum mainnet?

Remember that I have already swap this token and its just hanging

Thanks alot

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Hello @nakedwinnie

I have gotten my funds back into my wallet using the cbridge stated on binance bridge information page.

Thanks once again


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