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I have Ethereum on the main Ethereum network. I added the Binance Smart Chain network but the conversion Ethereum / BNB is not done. When I switch to the Binance Smart Chain network, I have 0 BNB, yet when switching to the main Ethereum network, still shows my Ethereum.

What’s wrong?

Thank you for your answers.


Hi Patoche,

Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum Mainnet are two different networks, and tokens are seperate on each one. You wouldn’t want to send ETH to BSC directly or you’d lose it.

You’ll want to swap ETH on an exchange for BNB then send BNB to your MM wallet, or I believe you can use the Binance Bridge to bring over eth onto BSC too.

If you buy BNB you’ll want to make sure you’re getting BEP-20 standard token. There is a BNB BEP-2 token you cannot transfer to MetaMask.

It’s important to remember tokens on BSC and ETH are seperate. Lots of mistakes are made with people trying to just do a transfer and not bridge and the money is lost or sending tokens to the wrong network since many tokens are not available on both.

Here is a helpful article too from MetaMasks Knowledge Base -


Also, here is an article with some info on bridging. See the section “moving tokens to and from BSC” in cases you need to do this -


Thank you.

I am a newbie and French. As Metamask seemed complicated to me, I watched a video of a French guy to make sure I understood the token purchase. The guy was showing that by adding Binance Smart Chain network, the Ethereum were automatically transformed to BNB!


I will follow your advice, it seems more wise.

Thanks for your explanations.



It’s great you’re aware of being cautious to not lose anything.

Maybe he had bridged the ETH over to BSC and was using ETH on Smart Chain in the video.

I don’t work for MMask and this could be a situation where I’m learning too! Keep digging on your side. Watching videos and reading are the best tools - luckily there is so much out there for us.

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Also a suggestion, only send a little for the first transaction as a test when you think you’ve figured it out, this way you don’t lose it all.

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i got a similar problem by using the crypto-exchange “changenow’.io”
sending ETH-funds (erc-20) from my MM-wallet to swap for BNB , …
and …
they got stuck/lost somewhere and i cannot retrieve them :see_no_evil::disappointed_relieved: :pensive: .

But i’m new to the crypto space and this community,
and so officially i can’t post a new topic or question here yet .

I’ll just post one here in short :

What is a “deposit hash” ?
And where do i have to look for it ?

Thank you so much :slight_smile:

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Hi dear folks at MM :slight_smile: .
Just wondering,
if there are so many mistakes made sending ETH or any Value to a different network,
why aren’t there huge warnings and explainations about this prompted within
the MM wallet before each “send and swap” action, or better even prominently in the top of the wallet ?
I’m afraid now i made that same dumm mistake and now lost some ETH too. :frowning:

Cheers :slight_smile:

Hi WiFi!,

See the below article on how to find transaction IDs.

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You MetaMask wallet will auto default to Ethereum Mainnet. If you’re going to do transactions on Binance Smart Chain, add Smart Chain network. There are many networks you can add, Polygon being another example. Any network you add on MetaMask is EVM compatible. Not all networks are EVM compatible so they won’t work/be able to be added on MetaMask. If you transfer between networks you’ll always have to use a bridge or transfer to and sell/buy/exchange there. But any way you do it, you always want to be care you’re sending/receiving to/from the right network and the tokens are on the network you’re using.

Here is a general article about networks/sidechains. If you want to know how to add Smart Chain you can search Knowledge Base (where this article is from - searc something like “BSC”) and you can read up on it. Keep in mind you only can receive/use BEP-20 BNB on Smart Chain network MetaMask.

Slowly move through transactions. You can also use test networks to swap fake money to get used to the whole process and looking at transactions, etc. Lots of info on the internet.

Biggest thing for a new person to be aware of is there are so many scams. In no situation will someone ever ask for your seed phrase, no matter where they work for. Also I would be hesitant to ever click on emails, links (anywhere on sites or chats), share files, or screen share. Lastly, you should never have to enter your seed phrase when connecting your wallet to a site.

Hope you have fun in this world!

Also, I think you’re idea for alerts is great. I hope there is an answer like this for crypto as a whole. :slight_smile:

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