How can i change the site logo when call erc-20 contract "approve"

this logo appeared when user call the erc-20 contract “approve” function. but it shown the wrong logo, how can i change it?

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The MetaMask extension use an icon from a favicon.
(on the example of Uniswap):

Check that your favicon at the root of the project (via debugger) is not the default React.
Also clear cookies, cache, local storage.

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I had set the “favicon.ico” on the site root, it work on PC client, but on phone, it doesn’t work (shows the wrong logo).

does it only support “favicon.png”?

@crackwei I’ve checked your website and the getIconUrl function returns the correct favicon:

But I noticed one thing that when loading a favicon for approving, useMemo is used. Try reinstalling MetaMask (make sure you know your seed phrase), maybe this instance was used by you for testing and is loading an outdated icon.

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Thank you.

Although I have thought of various ways, I still can’t make it work. Several mobile phones have been replaced and debugged under different MetaMask addresses. all the same result, it’s not show the correct logo of this site.

@crackwei Please attach a screenshot from the debugger, I’m wondering where the React logo is loaded from

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