How do I revert back to the previous layout?

I was ‘upgraded’ without any notification or consent

I do not like or want the new layout, cannot find things easily as I did before.



People should have been given the option to ‘upgrade’ but it appears you forced this on my extension somehow overnight. I want the previous layout please - how do I get that back ?


See here on our Knowledge Base on how to revert back to an older version:

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I agree. It should a button there offering the old interface. It may be unrelated but the copy wallet address no longer works for me. Not sure if it’s to do with the new interface or just a coincidence. Same issue on all browsers, chrome, firefox and brave

Hey @ilmane, see here:


Thanks for the follow-up. Good to hear that. For now I copy the address using the portfolio dashboard. It lets you copy it there…

I am now getting this same problem, where do I find the portfolio dashboard ?
They should have left this alone , now I am getting major problems

In recent older versions, you can find the Portfolio entry here.
In earlier versions, Portfolio was in the area under Assets/NFT/Activity.
If you can’t see it, maybe the version is too old and the portfolio feature is not live yet.


I am using the latest version. In the latest version, you can get access to portfolio both from the main UI as shown in the image attached and from the 3 dots in the top right corner.


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