How do I send out my lusd coin on my Ethw mainnet to Eth mainnet

Please I need help.How do I send out my lusd coin on my Ethw mainnet to Eth mainnet

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Hello @DBishop, welcome to MetaMask community!

As far as i know, ETHW is not really supported by most of the well known bridges or exchanges for you to be able to bridge your tokens or rotate them through an exchange. You will have to research an option for yourself and to absolutely make sure it’s not a scam. Do not ever share your Secret Recovery Phrase or private keys.

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Alright, I have been doing my research and no good results yet. That been said if anyone wishes to trade my lusd on my Ethw mainnet to usdt on eth mainnet, please I’m open for that.

There’s no trading or exchanges being conducted here. Please refrain from such behaviour. Thanks.

Alright, so sorry for that.
If I may ask, where could I go for such a trade. Thank you

Please is the usdc contract address for Ethw mainnet

Contract address would most likely be the same as what’s used on ethereum mainnet.
I cannot confirm this as I have not used ethw. Be really careful with what you’re doing. You seem to be panicking a bit which is how people end up losing all their funds. You need to heavily research this as it’s not a chain many are using. there are probably a ton of scam USDC chains on ETHW too.

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