ETH from Cronos network to eth main network

Hi all,

may I ask for help please on the following issue:

I transfered ETH from crypto .com to MM, unfortunately via the Cronos network.
Now I have the Cronos wallet and see my (now) WETH in my balance, so they are there.
But how can I transfer them to Ethereum main network?? ?
I need them there for bying some ntf‘s.

Please you experts out there, give a noob like me a hopefully easy advise!

Thank you upfront!


Hi @coach_bombay12 welcome to Metamask community Forum!

There are two way to do so,
First is simpler where you send back your WETH tokens to the same exchange and then send again using Eth main net.
Second is bridging where you can convert a token from one blockchain another.
You can read more information about bridging in the following link.

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