How to convert WETH on CRO to ETH on ETH

What an ORDEAL to create a new topic! This shouldn’t be this hard and the other topics related to this have all been closed and the suggestions haven’t worked.

Ok I have some WETH that got converted on the CRO network when I sent ETH out of my defi wallet (and it was an ordeal to recover it). Now its sitting in my defi wallet as ETH but its still on the CRO network so I can’t move it or convert to ETH or do ANYTHING with it. I tried EVOdefi that someone suggested and it will only let me do something less than .0000389334 or something because its low liquidity on cronos or something like that. How do I get my weth on cronos converted to ETH on the ETH network so I can send/use it elsewhere (I am trying to stake it on the ETH ERC20 network) but it is currently unusable

Hello and Welcome to MetaMask community,
You can transfer WETH from CRO network to ETH network using a bridge protocol, such as Connext (https: // )
I have used Connext to transfer tokens and it is fast and reliable. I have not used the CRO network though.
You can send your WETH to Polygon network as well.
I suggest you to send a small amount first. Make sure to check the “Estimated Received” amount and the bridge fee before confirming the transaction.


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