Send CRO token from MM Eth wallet to MM Cronos wallet

I transferred CRO from my Atomic wallet to my MM wallet.
It arrived in the Eth wallet section of my MM wallet.
I need it to be in my Cronos section of my MM wallet.

How do I move the CRO to my Cronos wallet section of my MM wallet?

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Hello and welcome to the MetaMask community,
To transfer the tokens between chains, you need to use a bridge protocol. One bridge that you can use for this purpose is the Connext bridge protocol which supports both networks. Please remove the spaces I inserted in the link.

Connext supports both networks, but I am not sure if it supports the CRO token or not. If not, you need a bridge which supports the token as well.

Another way is to transfer the CRO token on Ethereum network to an exchange and then transfer them via Cronos network to your MetaMask address. Before doing so, make sure that the exchange you are using supports both depositing the CRO tokens to Ethereum network and withdrawing the CRO tokens from Cronos


Hi Maryam1,

Thank you for your reply.
I tried the connext and avax bridges but alas, neither handle the CRO token.

I have accounts with Kraken, Coinbase and Kucoin.
I know that Kraken and Coinbase dont carry CRO.
Kucoin might so I will check it out.
I haven;t checked Kucoin since I find them difficult to use … alas.

Thanks again,


Hi @xme,
Seems like Kucoin does not currently support withdrawing the CRO token on Cronos. I suggest you to check it yourself. If it does not support, you may want to try the Li Fi bridge.
I have checked Li Fi bridge aggregator and it supports CRO. I have used it to transfer my tokens between the chains and it worked well. I have not tried Cronos network though.
(please remove the space I inserted in the link)
You may want to try this one. I suggest you to transfer a small amount first and check the bridge fee and the estimated transferred amount in advance. They have support on Discord as well.
Hope that helps.


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