Transfer WETH from Cronos network to ETH main network

Hello guys,

I would like to bridge my WETH from Cronos network to ETH main network. I have done a lot of research but I couldn’t find any platform to bridge but I still haven’t found one.

Can you please kindly help me how to do it? Step by step?

Thank you in advance

At present, there are few cross chain bridges in Cronos. You can convert your assets into cro, recharge it to CEX, and then withdraw your cro from CEX to your metamask

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Some CEX support cro of eth chain

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How do I convert WETH to Cronos? Because Cronos bridge doesn’t support WETH?

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Hello @Nathaniel1 , a community administrator will be with you shortly. Standby


Please help I am very stuck

Hi @Nathaniel1
There are two way to do so,
First is simpler where you send back your WETH tokens to the same exchange and then send again using Eth main net.
Second is bridging where you can convert a token from one blockchain another.
You can read more information about bridging in the following link.


I haven’t ever done a Cronos<>Eth mainnet transaction, so can’t speak to the specifics; but I’m pretty sure EvoDefi can bridge them. (I can’t post links, google will help)

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