How do I stop Metamask estimating its gas from my websites estimate (Its higher than metamasks)

When I make a purchase through my Dapp it always gives me a gas recommendation from my website which is quite a bit higher in gas than if I cancel and choose metamasks gas fees.
Is this as intended or have I got something in my code wrong? I will link code below, and last question I promise haha.

Thanks for any help

async function mintXXXXX(how_many_XXXXX) {

if (XXXXXContract) {

  const price = Number(XXXXXPrice)  * how_many_XXXXX

  const gasAmount = await XXXXXContract.methods.mintXXXXX(how_many_XXXXX)

  console.log({from: walletAddress, value: price})



        .send({from: walletAddress, value: price, gas: 0})

        .on('transactionHash', function(hash){

          console.log("transactionHash", hash)



} else {

    console.log("Wallet not connected")


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