How to add polygon WETH in Metamask iOS app?

I can’t add polygon WETH in Metamsk iOS app.(I can add in google chrome by the way)

token address I want to add is below

Does anyone know what the problem is ?

Hi Rio,

Are you saying if you follow below on iOS it does not work? Just want to double check I’m following right. Also wanted to confim yuo have Polygon Network added to your iOS wallet too. Thanks!

Steps here: How to View Your Custom Tokens in MetaMask

Theres also an “enhanced token detection” feature. You can find it in settings > experimental. (its called “use token detection” on the browser extension)


CoinGecko is best :smile:

@Rio21 watch the video:


Thank you. This video is very easy to understand.
I tried it like video shows in 01:25 but, it doesn’t work.
I tap the metamask icon and add token button but, the token doesn’t shown…

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I re-install app. And it works! Thank you @KBee @Luigi


Woohoo! Way to figure it out! Glad that worked for you.